Carlo Creek Cabins – 12 Beautiful acres bordering Denali National Park!

Carlo Creek Cabins History 

The land was homesteaded in 1959 by Stoepler Family. All cabins and structures were handcrafted by the  family mostly out of Alaskan black spruce. The famous big burls throughout the property are either from the property or collected while living off the rivers. The lodge office is the original structure and features many antiques collected from their Alaska frontier days. You’ll get a taste of the homesteaders life in a cabin setting on 13 acres south of Denali National Park.                                                                           If you want to see Alaska and stay in a cabin built with sweat and tears, and experience freedom, this is the place for you.   Many guests say they can still feel a homesteader spirit.

 Carlo Creek Cabins are right off Denali highway with Carlo Creek running right through the property. Lots of nature here, but you’re not totally off the grid. There are 4 great restaurants within walking distance and free WIFI here on the property.  We have Moose’s Brew Coffee shop located at the front of the property.   We look forward to meeting you.   Sincerely  Tammie and Dan (907) 683-2576